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Financial Recruitment Services to Help You Succeed

Taylor Financial Recruitment is an established UK-based specialist renowned for over two decades of excellence in talent acquisition. Whether you're a candidate seeking a new opportunity or an organisation in need of top talent, connect with us today. Our experienced team leverages years expertise and extensive networks to ensure your success.

Our contingent recruitment consultancy and headhunting services operate on a delivery-based charging model, facilitating the initiation of new relationships while showcasing our ability to deliver results. We strive to seamlessly integrate into each client's recruitment framework by deeply comprehending their culture, offerings, infrastructure, and future objectives. Throughout the recruitment journey, our dedicated account managers maintain transparency and offer consultative support, providing market insights, thorough research, and presenting uniquely qualified candidates whom we diligently guide through the entire process.

Contingent Assignments


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) movement has gained widespread traction, with many companies either fully embracing it or developing strategies to achieve its objectives. We specialise in aiding companies to grasp the advantages of a diverse and inclusive workforce and consult with them on effective implementation strategies. This includes assisting in sourcing diverse candidates, enhancing attraction and retention efforts, overcoming obstacles, and optimising the benefits of diversity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Our retained search service proves invaluable for businesses encountering demanding hiring needs or seeking exclusive attention. It effectively addresses challenges such as time-sensitive assignments, high-volume strategic hiring, and particularly elusive positions. We ensure success in retained searches regardless of complexity. Prior to engagement, both parties agree upon fee schedules and service level agreements (SLAs), developing a committed partnership focused on achieving mutually agreed targets.

Retained Search


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